H. Holmes: A Mysterious Serial Killer

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H. H. Holmes would turn out to be a terrifying serial killer but he didn’t start that way, in fact He didn’t even start out as H. H. Holmes his real name was Herman Webster Mudgett. Herman was born on May sixteenth eighteen sixty one in Gilmanton New Hampshire. He was born into a moderately wealthy family and raised in a strict religion family. “He was constantly bullied and abused by his classmates, causing him to spend his boyhood friendless, isolated, and alone.” (Coffey, 2014). Herman was bullied and tormented as a child partly from the fact that he excelled in all things school related, he would have been considered a nerd by common day standards. There are many reports that Herman became interested in the human anatomy around age ten, some reports claim that Herman trapped and dissected animals around that age. Much later on July fourth eighteen seventy eight Herman got married to Clara Lovering in Alton New Hampshire. Two years later Clara gave birth to their son Robbert Mudgett on February third eighteen eighty.
Herman went the college of Vermont before transferring to the University of Michigan for medical school. Reports say that that Herman excelled in chemistry and anatomy, though there are
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Learning that Holmes was a planned methodical killer, choosing his targets deliberately. That Holmes’s motivation for his crimes was mostly money, from insurance fraud to selling the bodies of those he murdered. Holmes was handsome, charismatic and charming which helped him carry out his deeds. Holmes was a doctor, which gave him the people’s trust. Holmes was a psychopath and everything he did and how he did it just proves the point. Though he was bullied and abused as a child so, one can say it wasn’t all from his DNA. From the evidence one can be assured that Holmes was most likely not Jack the Ripper, though he was one of the most prolific serial killers that America has ever

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