Essay about El Asco By Horacio Castellanos Moya

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The novel El Asco by Horacio Castellanos Moya starts off by giving us a setting in a bar called La Lumbre. In this bar, there are two main characters, Moya and Vega, and Vega mentioned how he was glad Moya came to join him at the bar. They go on and talk about how long they have known each other since they both went to the same school, Marist Brother School, for eleven years. Vega had been gone for 18 years, living a better life in Canada. Vega then mentions how the only reason he came back to El Salvador was for his mother’s funeral and how if he came back, he would get some inheritance of his mother 's house, but only if he attended her funeral. Throughout the whole book, Moya ranted about El Salvador and how much he hated it with every reason he could possibly think of. Since he left before the civil war, Moya seems to have blamed political corruption, violence and national amnesia for leading up to that point. In this part of the book, Moya explains a little bit on his hate for El Salvador and how it is corrupted and that was the reason why he had decided to distance himself from his born country. But then he does also mention how his mother 's funeral was his motivation for coming back.

“I wanted nothing to do with this filthy pit of corruption… My mother won, Moya, she made me return; she’s dead now, sure, she won: after eighteen years I’m here, I returned for nothing other than to confirm that I did quite well by leaving, that the best that could have happened was…

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