Ancient Egypt Civilization Essay

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Egypt was a civilization because it had all the 7 indicators to make a civilization.

Egypt was a civilization with a well-organized government. One reason is that the government had many officials that controlled Egypt. The pharaoh was the supreme leader of Egypt who and below him was the vizier. The vizier was reported to and then the vizier reported to the pharaoh of the reports the vizier got. Local governors ruled over a land called nome. Other officials also had to report to the pharaoh like the army commander and the chief treasurer. Another reason is that the people of Egypt also had to pay taxes. The vizier had to collect the taxes of how much the farmers grew each year. The officials calculated of how much tax the farmers had to
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The first reason is Egypt had developed a writing called hieroglyphics. In the early days of Ancient Egypt they drew pictures to communicate to with other people. The picture of a cow was represented by the cow’s head. The picture of an eye represented the word “eye.” Fully formed hieroglyphics was usually written inside the walls of caves or on the walls of temples. The second reason is Egyptians became used to the languages of their rulers. Hieroglyphs was forgotten. Lot’s of inscriptions and lot’s and lot’s of papyrus roll and for centuries no one even knew what the writing meant. In 1799, there was a piece of stone with writing in a city called Rosetta. One was Greek which was used in the late days of Ancient Egypt and the other inscription was hieroglyphs. All the inscriptions said the same …show more content…
The first reason is Egypt had capitals and a special reason for why it was famous for. The first capital is Memphis, that was the largest city in the world and when the capital was switched it still had a lot of temples. The second capital is Thebes. Thebes and Memphis rivalled each other for being the greatest and biggest city. The third capital is Alexandria, which was the capital after Alexander the great captured Egypt. The fourth capital is Amarna. Amarna was the city where the pharaohs created their own religion, but the city died after the pharaoh died. The fifth capital is Hermopolis. This was the city between the upper and lower Egypt and a place of religion, the first sunrise was over this city. The sixth capital is Crocodilopolis, and this was the home to crocodiles and is also the oldest city in Egypt today. The seventh capital is Elephantine, which was between Nubia and Egypt which served as a “defensive fort and a trade center,” and the last capital is Kom Ombo was a trade center where many routes passed from Nubia to Egypt and the Egyptians first called it the “city of gold.” The second reason is the god of the city influenced the city. It was evident that the greeks named the cities in Egypt after the god of the city. Like “Heliopolis, the Egyptian Iunu, was dedicated to Re, Helios to the Greeks, Hermopolis was their name for the cult centre of Thoth, i.e. Hermes, and Zawati, home of the wolf-like canine Wepwawet, became

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