Egypt : A Civilization? Essay

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Egypt was a civilization because it had all the 7 indicators to make a civilization.

Egypt was a civilization with a well-organized government. One reason is that the government had many officials that controlled Egypt. The pharaoh was the supreme leader of Egypt who and below him was the vizier. The vizier was reported to and then the vizier reported to the pharaoh of the reports the vizier got. Local governors ruled over a land called nome. Other officials also had to report to the pharaoh like the army commander and the chief treasurer. Another reason is that the people of Egypt also had to pay taxes. The vizier had to collect the taxes of how much the farmers grew each year. The officials calculated of how much tax the farmers had to pay by seeing how much the farmers grew that year on their farms. Another reason is that in ancient Egypt the men, women, and slaves had rights. The men and women in Egypt could own land, sue others, also have jobs but most of the women just stayed home and did the household work. Women also had a right that after marriage they still could own land. Slaves were the lowest of the classes but they still had a right to own land. The fourth reason is that there were laws and punishment in ancient egypt. The laws that were held in Egypt were usually to protect families from any kind of harm and to protect a people after death. The punishments were usually beatings with sticks. Also if they tried to escape jail they would usually get some kind…

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