Essay on Eggs, Sperm, and Hormones

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Eggs, Sperm, and Hormones
Dionna Washington
G150/PHA1500 Section 21 Structure and Function of the Human Body
Felicia Stokes
June 11, 2014

1. Sperm starts within the testis, in which it then passes into the epididymis and sits until it matures in the few days that it had waited. Then, the sperm is forced up into the ducts (vas deferens) into the seminal tubule and into the ejaculatory ducts, which moves semen into the urethra. Once that occurs, the semen covers the sperm and it moves into the prostate gland and down into the urethra opening. Semen comes from the prostate gland and the main function of this fluid is to transport sperm to the female reproductive system.
a. Thompson, G. (n.d.). Understanding Anatomy
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Next is the allantois. Becomes part of the urinary bladder after serving as the foundation of the umbilical cord developing. The last membrane would be the yolk sac, which helps forms the digestive tract, produces red blood cells until the embryonic liver takes over at the 6th week. The placenta helps provide oxygen and nutrition for the fetus and produce the hormones that keep the pregnancy needs to keep going. The umbilical cord helps pumps blood throughout the fetus and placenta. The umbilical arteries pumps blood to the placenta, and the umbilical vein pumps the blood back into the fetus from the placenta.
a. Thompson, G. S. (2012). Pregnancy and Human Development. Understanding anatomy and physiology (). S.l.: F A Davis.
4. Within the digetive system, the mother goes throught nausea and vomiting, called morning sickness, in the first 3 months, called the 1st trimester. Appetitie increases, and the mother also becomes constipated, and because the uterus is enlarged, frequent heartburns occur due to the uterus pressing up into the stomach. In the circulatoy system, the mother’s blood increases by 30 to 50%, the pelvic blood vessels becomes pressured from the uterus causing possible hemorrhoids, venous returns, varicose veins, and swelling of the veins. The respiratory system- shortness of breath occurs due to pregnancy causing ventilation to increase about 50%. For the urinary system, aldosterone promotes water and salt retention by the

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