Egan's Three Stage Model Of The Counselling Process

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In this essay I will be discussing the role and impact of the counsellor in helping to facilitate transformative change in the life of the client. I will be making reference to each stage of Egan’s skilled helper module, paying particular attention to stage one, before expanding into the overall development of the relationship. The essay will then go further to explain the important elements that must be considered when helping clients set goals and then lastly what factors to consider when ending the counselling sessions.
Overview of Egan’s Three Stage Model
Egan’s model is a framework in which the counselling process can take place that has an insightful effect in the way counsellors work with clients by identifying different stages
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Maintaining eye contact with the client, the counsellors shows they value what the client is saying. The counsellor should be able to read the body language of the client to the reaction of us. If we hold eye contact with the client and in the event they show signs of being uncomfortable the counsellor should break eye contact by looking away or down and then maintain eye contact again. Selective attending is used when the counsellor might want to focus to an element of what the client is saying and if they are displaying any distress, discomfort, anger, etc. it is also vitally important that the counsellor is also fully aware of their own body language and what signals they are giving the client (“Verbal & non-verbal communication skills AIPC’s Counsellor skills series,” …show more content…
I have also explored how relationships can be developed through the first stage and the importance of the relationship for the following stages. The essay also covers the importance in effect goal setting and factors to be considered when terminating the counselling relationship. Egan is an effective tool to help the counsellor and client determine where they are in the process provides a framework enable the counsellor to identity what skills are required in each stage. The counsellor needs to be able to adapt their approach to the client’s

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