Egan Report - Has the Construction Industry Met Its Goals? Essay

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Egan Report - Has the construction industry met its goals?

This essay is written in particular reference to the emerging use of BIM software solutions.

Sir John Egan made several remarks based on the findings of his original report in 1998 and the progress of the construction industry in the 10 years since in his 2008 address. The purpose of this essay is to look at some of the main points raised by Egan in his 2008 address and evaluate their relevance with regard to the structure and practices of the modern UK construction industry.

Egan made the suggestion that “you design the whole project on a computer versus a target that you are trying to achieve” (Egan, 2008). In stating this Egan was referring to his past experience in
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However, not only will standard designs become more available, all construction will be much more standards compliant with respect to design, engineering, and build. This is because standards, such as the Eurocodes, can be programmatically adhered to and compliance issues raised at the design time.

At this point it actually looks to all intents and purposes that Building Information Modelling is the silver bullet to address all of Egan’s criticisms of the construction industry. Unfortunately, this is not the case; whilst BIM does, indeed, address many of the problems that the construction industry has created for itself if brings with it many of its own issues.
One of the most prevalent problems is “the need to 'unlearn' much of the existing workforce approach and unravel the tightly knitted web of such comments as: 'BIM? How much will it cost me?', 'Well, we've always done it that way' and 'If there was a better way of doing it, we would have found it by now'.” (Philp, 2012). In the very traditional and fragmented building industry, new technologies are not easily introduced.

Changing the human nature of many construction workers is nothing short of a very large task and enabling the uptake of BIM requires that each of these rebuttals is addressed. This will only come with time; as BIM begins to prove itself on projects throughout the UK, more and more companies will see the benefits and invest the time and money, not only in the BIM packages, but

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