Effects of Informal Group in Organizational Performance Essay

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We know that groups are vital to the understanding of organizational behavior because they are the building blocks of the larger organization. In today’s organization, where productivity and efficiency demand collaboration within and across functional, physical and hierarchical boundaries, collaboration in employee networks has become critical to innovation, and to both individual and company performance. The heavy emphasis on teams and group decision making in today’s organizations only increase the importance of understanding teams and groups for managers.

As we have discussed in our class, groups are usually divided into formal and informal groups. Formal group is one
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The concept of informal groups in the Educational sector plays a vital role due to the nature of jobs and the working environment which needs commitment by the employees so as to keep standards.

Printah Nkala & Mbuyisa Barbara(2013)in their study identified that the most popular types of informal groups among the selected schools. They found out that 92% of the respondents indicated that interest groups are common in most schools while 8% are friendship groups.It is also indicated in their study that school heads agreed that overall school performance is heavily affected by informal groups. 60% of the respondents strongly agree, 20% agree, 5% disagree while the other 5% strongly disagree that informal groups affect the level of employee performance.

Furthermore, their findings indicated that 60% of the respondents indicated that informal groups negatively affect employee performance, while 35% indicated that informal groups positively affect performance and 5% indicated that informal groups have both negative and positive effects on employee performance.

With such increasing number of studies and literatures on emphasizing the impact of informal groups on individual behaviour and organizational performance, it is really imperative for

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