Effects of Being Famous Essay

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The dream of every person who likes to sing or act is to be famous.To have a profesional career.To be in Holliwood,to sing or act ot the big scene,have films and so on.But no one realizes what he/she will loose if he is famous.Being watched all the time,being followed by papparazzi,being captured while you have breacfast or dinner.Is it worth it?The effects on ones intimate life because of his carreer as a famous singer or actor can be disastrous. The intimate life of one person is the most important for him/her.After becoming famous you loose your personal life.This is one of the biggest effects of career in the singing or acting branch.Many famous people prove this.For example the Jonas brothers.They had an interview for their …show more content…
Being the so-called hot girl, I disconnect from that. It's not that deep" (qtd. in Khurana 1). Of course everything has it's good and bad sides.Here are some good sides of being famous star.You can make money.You travel all around the world.You can have everything you want.Also another good thing is that you can touch the public with your work.For example one singer can write songs and touch someones heart with the lyrics

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