Essay about Effects Of World War II On The World

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The Effects of World War II on the World
It is well known that WWII happened among several strong countries around the world. The conflicts that happened among these countries have affected the whole world, and resulted in an enormous damage that still can be seen around the world. Many people have passed away due to the nuclear bomb and other bombings; also, new technologies and chemical weapons have been developed to fight the opponent. Today, the effects of WWII are still present such as the memories of people of have passed away or the effects that were left by the nuclear bomb. Therefore, this essay will discuss some effects of WWII such as the technology developed, the creation of the UN and the Cold War.
There were a lot of consequences that came after WWII, one of these consequences is the weapons that were largely developed. In 1936, Tabun, a nerve gas, was one of the developed chemical weapons in WWII by a German chemist; also, it can cause death in less than 10 minutes (Biddle,W.1984). After that, a huge improvement in the radar technology was discovered during WWII from a basic knowledge to a strategy that can be used for a surprise attack against the target, which was done by the MIT laboratory. Furthermore, the V-1 (buzz bomb), invented by Nazi Germany, was the first automatic aircraft that could fly in the sky without a pilot, which was used to hit the target (Mindell, D. 2009).
Another effect of the WWII is the creation of the United Nations that was done by…

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