Effects Of Voter Fraud

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Voter fraud is also not just prevalent in local elections but most typically is found in elections concerning the nation 's highest offices. One case showing proof of this is from Lincoln County, West Virginia. “...circuit clerk Greg Stowers and five other Democrats were charged in 2005 with participating in a conspiracy to buy votes in congressional and presidential elections dating back to 1990. All six were found guilty and served time in prison...” (Snead). With more and more cases popping up across America, some people are beginning to realize that it may be a growing epidemic. Not only can voter fraud be committed by bribery, double voting (voting twice), felons voting, and illegal citizens casting votes, but even the use of deceased people are …show more content…
Then there are the people who think that voter fraud is not a big deal, and it doesn 't personally affect them, so why should they care? Part of this could be blamed on the way media focuses their stories, as voter fraud is not highly discussed in the media. Media and news stations tend to focus on the topics that are most likely to pull in more viewers and higher ratings. Such as: which celebrity is dating which, and what cute animal was seen dancing at the park. Voter fraud is seen as a miniscule problem in a vast part of government and the nation. American citizens do not prioritize voter fraud.They would much rather worry about gas prices, taxes, and The next Top Model. This attitude is understandable because it is not the average American that can stop voter fraud from happening. It is the government 's job to help with this rising issue. And if a person who commits voter fraud hears about it, well obviously they will not care because chances are that they will commit the crime regardless of what the media reports on it.

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