Effects Of Victimization Of Women

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The most significant crime facing women is the victimization of women and the failure to provide justice for those being victimized. Women have been ostracized due to gender roles placed on them by their male counter parts. Crimes dealing with female victimization were overlooked and undervalued until the 1970’s. According to The Invisible Women, “Until the late 1970’s, it was highly unusual for these studies to include girls or women in their samples.” (Belknap, 3). Gender roles play a role as to why women are victimized and given no adequate help. Although there are effects to the victimization of women this tragic event could turn out to be a benefit to those whose voices are not heard by the judicial system.
The term “victim” has been misinterpreted and misused by those who have played an intricate role in their own victimization. For example, someone who has purposefully picked a fight and claimed to be a victim of abuse is not a victim. Even if the initiator of the brawl
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One simple act of discrimination or an inappropriate touch from an offender can affect the victim’s relationships as well as perspective of others. According to Reciprocal Effects of Victimization and Routine Activities, “Consequences of victimization can be classified into three types: emotional, practical, and cognitive consequences” (Averdijk, 2010). More specifically, the emotional effect of victimization are fear, anxiety, anger, substance abuse, depression, and distrust. If not properly handled or treated, victims can go down a continued downward spiral of repetitively choosing bad relationships, becoming addicts, prostitutes, and possibly getting abortions. Such a small act of victimization can result in long term affects that will take physiological help and careful attention and consideration from the justice system in order to assure victims that it will not occur

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