Effects Of Tobacco On The Human Body

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Tobacco use affects the Human Body
Tobacco use in all forms is hazardous for the human body regardless of the claims of proponents or tobacco companies. Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths throughout the world. Smoking and tobacco use are a widespread activity throughout the world despite the hazards and risks of tobacco on the human body. Cigarettes are the most prominent forms of smoking and can adversely affect several organs and systems of the human body. Cigarettes contain more than 7,000 hazardous chemicals, including nicotine, tar, lead, arsenic, and other deadly chemicals. The prolonged use of tobacco leads to an array of cancers and cardiovascular diseases, and the human body cannot repair the damages caused
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Smoking causes more escapable deaths every year as compared to alcohol use, illegal drugs, road accidents, HIV (AIDS), and fatal gun shots. Tobacco use leads to an array of medical conditions, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, and cancer. Smoking can cause a broad range of tumors, including lung cancer, mouth cancer, and throat cancer. The harmful chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco adversely affect the human lungs, mouth, and throat, especially in the context of prolonged use. The nicotine and several other constituents in cigarettes and tobacco cause addictive tendencies in people and they face challenges in relinquishing tobacco use (Ekblad, Korkeila and Lehtonen 16). Tobacco use and smoking not only affect the lungs or mouth but severely damage almost all organs of the body and considerably affects health outcomes of …show more content…
Smoking and utilization of tobacco not only affects the respiratory system, but it also creates a negative impact towards stomach, skin, mouth &throat, fertility, etc. Excessive smoking can result in stomach cancer and ulcers and it depends on the number of cigarettes an individual smoke in a single day. Beatification of skin gets negatively affected through smoking and the process of aging enhances through this perspective. The toxins produced through skin result in a negative impact that affects an individual in the longer-run. Mouth and throat are certain other areas that an individual affects in a negative manner. Bad breath, mouth cancer, lips deterioration, etc. are some of the reason caused because of excessive

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