Effects Of The Storm On New Jersey Essay

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In late October of 2012, a natural disaster hit the east coast of the United States; Superstorm Sandy. This storm lasted for ten days and was recored as a category three hurricane with 115 mile per hour winds. Many lost their homes, and some even their lives. During the summer of 2014, I got to experience the effects of the storm by going on a missions trip to New Jersey. Two years after the storm hit there was still an incredible amount of damage. Seeing the effects of the disaster was devastating. Many houses were fixed previously before our arrival, but still needed small amounts of work. This was my first missions trip, and it was very life changing because I have never experienced anything of that extent before. B.U.I.L.D (Building Unity InLeadership Development) of Licking County is a missions group for students, stating with age 15, to go on relief trips to help people in need who have suffered from a natural disaster. About thirty people get to go on a trop at one time. There are three teams that go to different work sites. One of the founders of the organization, Doug Lehner, was one of the adults on our team, therefor we got to do more projects than others. After nine hours on the road, we made it to New Jersey. The previous year the group that went worked on the same church we stayed in. The girls and boys were on separate levels of the church, and it was an emotionally interesting way to live for a week; sharing one building with thirty people in one small…

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