Effects Of Technology On Today's Society

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The Effects of Technology” What impact does new technology have on today’s society? Has it helped people do their tasks easier and faster or has it affected people by creating more distractions? People may be satisfied with how technology has made things easier, but they should take the time to consider the negative effects it has on today’s society. Three wireless inventions that have changed many people’s lives are social media, mobile applications, and the Internet.
First of all, social media has gotten very popular because many people enjoy chatting with their friends and posting or seeing other 's post. What people do not realize is the major distraction that social media causes. Many people are too focused on what is new on social media instead of focusing on schoolwork or their job. Some schools and work offices have banned
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Social media also influences in many relationship problems. Infidelity issues have increased in many relationships since social media was created due to the easy access to meet new people online. Social media may not be the primary cause of infidelity in relationships but it is a very useful tool for most "cheaters" now in days. Cyberbullying is one of the greatest issues caused by social media. Social media has made is easy for people to post negative comments or photos about another person online for everyone to see without that person 's permission. People do not notice the negative affects social media causes because of the great distraction it causes, perhaps when students and employees start failing classes and losing their jobs they will notice how social media effects today 's society.
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