Effects Of Technology In Our Life

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Positive Effects of Technology in Our Life
There is little doubt that technology plays an important role in our life. Therefore, the use of technology has exceedingly increased. Scientists also focus on improving and creating up-to-date versions to satisfy human beings’ needs. From our viewpoints, there are three main benefits of technology including the advantage in transportation, the improvement of daily lives, and the effectiveness of work and study achievements.
First, technology has made a considerable influence on transportation. People are familiar with the transportation modes in the past including “men on foot, animals, wheeled carts, boats, trains, trolleys, buses and personal transportation, otherwise known as cars” (Koch, page
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In work, the majority of companies successes lie in the power of the present-day technological developments. Business employees cannot work without the existence of technology. Most emergency meetings after working time are planned online by doing group video calls or group chats. Moreover, they have an ability to bring their assignments and their paper work home to have them done instead of having to go to their office by connecting their working accounts with their companies’ websites via the Internet. “He cited an example that in the Internet of Things, a phone could be programmed to remotely control lighting, air conditioning, security devices in homes or offices from any location to improve convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.” (“Allow Technology to Improve Your Lives - Huawei Marketing Manager Tells Rotarians”, paragraph 7). Additionally, architects use architecture applications on their computers to sketch and draw the designs of buildings. The adoption of modern technology in agriculture brings out the definition of precision farming, which offers great export opportunities. It is “a new technique that boosts crop yields and reduces waste by using satellite maps and computers to match seed, fertilizer, and crop protection applications to local soil conditions” (Todd, paragraph …show more content…
An enormous number of students own computers or laptops at home and use them for school works. Today, it is impossible for students to pass classes without computers. Most teachers will probably ask their students to send homework to their emails, do online assignments, and join online group discussions. “Online learning and virtual learning environments are not isolating for learners, rather they open up access to high-quality content driven by well-qualified teachers and tutors” (Whyte, paragraph 7). Also, calculators are invented as a great help for students to solve mathematics problems. “If you need an illustration of the accelerating speed of technological change, look no further than the electronic calculator, that modest little device that does the most complex sum instantly and that you hold in the palm of your hand” (Valentine, paragraph 1). In lieu of using hand calculation or mental arithmetic that might waste a long period of time, calculators can instantly come up with the precise results. Additionally, teachers use technology so that the students can understand the lectures easily. Instead of writing on the board, professors use projectors to show the course details from their computers. Professors also have a tendency to take advantage of PowerPoint, which is a complete presentation graphics package, to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing,

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