Effects Of Technology On Human Society Essay

911 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Deep and critical reading in today’s modern day culture has become a struggle due to the constant presence of technology. Reading in today’s culture has never been more widespread. However, the way we go about reading and thinking has had a negative effect on human society. This is due to the infection of technology. The consequences of irresponsible technology use include lack of focusing ability, lack of critical thinking skills, lack of critical reading skills, and much more. These negatives then affect our everyday life and have currently had a lasting effect on the millennial generation. To go about fixing this problem, we must disconnect from technology. Once we are able to disconnect from technology, either through nature or other activities and begin to learn how to critically think, we will start to see and experience benefits. I have been able to witness this in my own personal experience. Due to the constant presence of technology in today’s modern culture, the individual’s critical reading and thinking skills have been negatively affected. How has the presence of technology impacted our critical reading and thinking skills negatively? Now, when we read, our concentration begins to drift, we become fatigued more easily, and overall our attention to what we read diminishes after a short while. Why is this? the answer is simply that due to our use of texting via phone and reading text over the Internet, we have become more obsessed with information and text that…

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