Effects Of Technology And The Internet Essay

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Technology and the Internet
Today the world that we live in is very advanced. The main reason for this is the advancements in technology. Today we have technology that one thought could never possibly be invented. We now have a phenomenon called the internet. This mechanism is a global communication network that allows technology devices worldwide to connect and exchange information. The internet is a very good thing because of all that it provides and also because it makes everything easier to do. At the same time the internet is also very harmful because it is very distracting and does not always provide the information that one is necessarily looking for. Since it also makes everything easier, this is harmful because this way we do not have
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Even when we are done with using our devices, our brain is still thinking about the stuff that we were doing on them, because that is the way in which our brains work. In the 1970s and 1980s, a pioneering neuroscientist Michael Merzenich conducted a series of experiments on primate brains. These revealed how quickly and extensively neural circuits change in response to experience. He rearranged the nerves in a monkey’s hand, but the nerve cells in its sensory cortex quickly reorganized themselves to create a new mental map of the hand. Merzenich said that “he was profoundly worried about the cognitive consequences of the constant distractions and interruptions the internet bombards us with. The long term effect on the quality of our intellectual lives, could be deadly” (23). Scientists have discovered that the human brain is structured in such a way that it adapts readily to the tools that we use for finding, sharing, and storing information. The internet provides us with everything that we are looking for. The internet scatters our information, whereas a book focuses our information. A book helps us focus much more than a computer or phone does. Reading longer sequences at once helps our brains to learn to become more focused without easily getting distracted. After all, getting distracted is way too easy. Reading a book feels weird because it requires us to think, but it is very beneficial. We are the only ones who can prevent ourselves from getting distracted by strengthening our minds. If we do not prevent ourselves from getting distracted so easily on the internet, we will be at the risk of losing our mental capacities. We now have much more distractions in our lives than any people ever had in the history of

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