Essay on Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Fetus

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Impact of substance abuse on the fetus

As is known the use of toxic substances during pregnancy is harmful for the fetus, and can lead to have baby disorders at birth, including causing the baby’s death.
Alcohol, cigarettes and street drugs are examples of substances known to have harmful effects on the fetus. Any amount of these substances is consider unsafe for the fetus at any time of the pregnancy. A better example of street drugs will be marijuana, cocaine, or heroine.
The best decision to take is to avoid them altogether. If planning to get pregnant during the use of these harmful substances, quitting before is ideal, but stopping drug use at any point during pregnancy will benefit your baby.

Furthermore, pregnancy can change how your body handles drugs, making some drugs even more harmful for the mother’s body and the fetus. Some of the risks that the mother is expose is to have an overdose, is more likely to have an accident and becomes more susceptible to contract any type of diseases including AIDS by sharing needles, which later on birth the mother can transmit it to the baby.

Moreover the drug use affects the fetus during pregnancy because the fetus is directly connect to the mother by the placenta and the umbilical cord, which is from where the fetus shares everything entering from the mother, that is to say that if the mother uses drugs and feels the effects of it, the baby also will be affected by the same…

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