Effects of Sports Stars in Advertising Essay

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Given the increasing popularity of sports in all of the world, sport has become a very dominate theme in advertising. Sports stars are seen as idols and almost like super heroes to young kids in the American society. Many brand owners corporate with sports stars to promote the sales of almost any kind of products, even if they have no apparent relationship with sports. “In the beginning, no one was giving us a chance,” said Rich Paul, a childhood friend of the NBA’s biggest star, LeBron James, “but it’s a new day. Sports marketing in 2006 is different, athletes are different and the way people perceive athletes is different” (Thomaselli)
The theme of passion and vitality is essentially attractive to youth, who is impressed by famous
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Playtime is over, the boy reluctantly goes home and his new playmates disappear in the latest from Adidas' "+10" campaign. (Parpis and Lynn) The participation of soccer stars Beckham and Zidane in this spot exactly fitted the exciting surrounding of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, and the impressed idea that young kids get involved with soccer stars is truly attractive to soccer fevers. It’s not advertising for any particular product in this spot anyway; however, more and more youth get the idea of Adidas and fall in love with this brand just because these familiar players and the popularization of sports sprits. Another main participant in sport marketing is the industry of beverage. One example is last year a line backer named Brian Urlacher for the Chicago Bears in the NFL drank a kind of vitamin water at a press conference, and ever since vitamin water has become a very successful and popular drink. For the simple fact that he drank that water, more kids thought: “Hey, I’ll try it, if it’s good enough for him; it’s good enough for me.” Besides energy drink like this vitamin water, which is no doubt that will use athletes for advertising, Coca-Cola Co. is putting the sports element to almost all its products. The emphasis is not just the physical effect of the drink anymore, but also the fashion perception of the brand which can be represented on the most popular celebrities of film, music and sports. The recent advertising activity of Coca-Cola was it announced

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