Effects Of Social Network On College Students ' Academic Performance

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The objective of the current research is to examine the effects of social networks on college level learners and to address the following specific questions:
• What are the implications of social network consumption in college students’ academic performance?
• What is the association between the influence of social media and the academic performance of students?
Purpose of Study
The research aims to examine in greater depth the causes of behavior (i.e., reasons for using social media), and how these are associated with the impacts of social network on education progress of learners in colleges. The research mainly revolves around the gratification theory which explains why and how individuals utilize a particular medium that they would find useful in meeting their needs. The research will examine why students utilize social media, how they use it in the learning process, and the consequences involved. Through this research, the benefits and challenges involved in using social media in the learning process will be discussed. This is an area of high critical interest to society. The research questions are based on the element of variable relationships. Here, the questions are typically established regarding how individuals or groups of individuals use social media and how such use is connected to academic performance.
Theoretical Review
The Gratifications Theory
The gratifications theory explains why individuals use specific social network platforms for self-satisfaction. The…

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