Effects Of Social Media On Society Essay

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The following dialogue is on the effects of social media on society. In the year of 2014, Steve and Jim are two students who attend the same school. Their teacher for debate class has assigned them a topic and they end up in a heated debate about whether the effects of social media have been more positive or negative to society.
Mr. Ross: Hello class, I hope everyone had a good weekend. As I recall from last class, I assigned two people who will debate on the topic whether social media has brought more positive or negative effects to society. Before we begin, let me set some of the guidelines for the debate. The person who convinces me the most will win the debate. Jim, you can begin the debate and the time starts now.
Jim: I strongly believe that social media has brought negative effects to society. Firstly, because privacy on social media has been a big issue for years. If you are not careful, what you post on the Internet can come back to haunt you or be used against you. For example, if a college student were to apply for a job in a company and that company found a photo of them partying hard. It may seems harmless to the person who posted it, but to them it represents a bad public image on their company; thus, it can prevent them from getting a job anywhere.
Steve: But it is not their business to look at people’s stuff. Plus, many people have set their privacy settings on social media networks to high.
Jim: It does not matter if people have their privacy settings on…

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