Effects Of Smoking On People 's Health Essay

985 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Not too many people know that it is the real number of people death by smoking in the worldwide. However, smoking makes people feel refreshing, and it makes young people feel that they are grown-up. On the other hand, 480 thousand people death by smoking in the US (cdc). Which means accounts for almost 10 percent, and these numbers still tend to increase in the future. Cigarettes have a huge influence on the lives of us, causing many human diseases such as lung cancer smoking, throat cancer, heart disease,... (cancer). In the huge number of people death by smoking in the US, death by cancer take about 36 percent, 39 percent are from heart disease and stroke, and 24 percent are from lung disease (cancer). Cigarette is a indirectly killer, just as a smoke spread out. It is the causative agent for people, especially pregnant women if inhaling toxic smoke may lead to unpredictable consequences. It does not only affect on people’s health, but also on the economy of the country. The tobacco industry is one of the largest company in the US, and they make a billion every year. The cost of smoking are higher than the income of cigarette sales. In 2004, the US centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimated, “smoking led to health costs and productivity losses totaling an average of $10.47 per pack sold and used in the US.” (cancer). Smokers should stop smoking if they don’t want people around or themselves to be killed by cigarettes. People smoking to feel refreshing.…

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