Effects Of Smoking On Learning And Health Essay

986 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Some college campuses have implemented a smoke-free program but there are those individuals that neglect these rules. Smoking may be seen as acceptable behavior for potential smokers if it is not addressed. Additionally, it mentally and physically affects those with prolonged exposure to the substance. Few sane college students that wish to prosper, go to school for their health and learning to be negatively impacted. This is counterproductive and it needs to be resolved. I currently attend a smoke-free college and you can observe on a daily basis, several individuals smoking on campus or find cigarette buds littering numerous areas of the compound. Therefore, I carried out this research to gather objective information on the impact that smoking had on learning and health. This annotated bibliography provides facts for others who may be interested in the same issue or documentation for the future. Hence, I formulated a possible solution, which is the use of alternative medication to reduce smoking. The questions that guided me through this study are: What do professionals say about health issues related to smoking? What do experts say about second hand smoking? What kind of rules and regulations are put in place to minimize or prohibit smoking in college? How long should the program for smoking cessation last? What institutions have tried alternative medication for smoking? This research was done within a two week period which started in January 2016. This bibliography…

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