Effects of Salt on Ice Essay example

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Effects of Salt on Ice

Bill Yongco
Angela Enriquez
Trisha Co
Ying Huang Xu

To be done when IP is completed
To be done when IP is completed
Table of Contents Background of the Study | Pg.3 | Statement of the Problem | Pg.3 | Significance of the Study | Pg.3 | Scope and Limitations | Pg.4 | Review of Related Literature | Pg.4-5 | Methodology | Pg.6 | Results and discussion | Pg.7-8 | Conclusions | Pg.9 | Recommendation | Pg. 9 | Definition of terms | Pg. 10 | Appendix | Pg.11-14 | Bibliography | Pg. 15 |

A. Background of study
On the countries where snow is abundant or have winter seasons they use salt to melt the snow or ice on the roads, and other areas. When making ice
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This only works, however, if the temperature outside is at or near freezing. If it is too cold outside, the ice itself becomes very dry and salt is not as effective in melting it.
Salt works by lowering the freezing temperature of water. Salt water needs to reach a colder temperature than pure water to freeze. This is why salted ice on roads that are near the freezing temperature of pure water (32 degrees Fahrenheit) will melt and not refreeze immediately. The ice forms very salty water that will not freeze unless temperatures drop significantly.

F. Methodology Things needed: * Ice cube tray * Iodized salt * Water * Measuring utensils * A thermometer that can measure below 0⁰C * Timer * Paper * Pen or pencil * Camera

Step 1: measure equal amounts of water and pour them onto the ice cube tray
Step 2: place the ice cube tray in the freezer and place the temperature probe
Step 3: wait until the water becomes fully frozen
Step 4: make labels with your paper so that you want be confused with the ice cubes
Step 5: remove the ice cubes from the ice cube tray
Step 6: add different amounts of salt to the ice cubes and measure how much salt was placed on the ice cube but leave one ice cube unsalted to serve as the control setup in the experiment.
Step 7: after 2 minute record the temperature of the ice cube and the state of the ice cube and take pictures every 4 minutes as well to record

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