Effects Of Radiation Therapy On Children Essay

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Usually, when children have malignant brain tumors, they will need radiation therapy to try to stop the malignant cells from spreading. Doctors try their hardest to postpone radiational therapy in children as it may generate long-term brain effects. When radiation therapy is used, the radiational energy transmitted to the tumor area can affect abnormal tissue as well as normal tissue, which can induce problems. The more tissue area that the doctors choose to radiate, the higher the chance that the normal tissues will be harmed. Young children are most likely to have damage occur during radiation. Radiation can also weaken a child’s ability to learn. Damages made to nerve cells or to the structure of proteins and phospholipids can have a major impact on the comprehension and perception as children start to learn again. Some effects that radiation can have on young children include getting sidetracked easily, gamage to memory, increase in confusion, change in temperament, and dropping of intelligence. The younger the children are, the larger the effects radiation therapy will have on them (Conway, Asuncion, and DaRasso 6, 10, 11). All children will need to be closely evaluated after any of the kinds of treatment are used on the brain tumor. After a tumor is found and removed from a child’s brain, it is vital to make sure that the child is not only examined by a neurologist but other specialists regularly. This will ensure that the removal of the brain tumor did not…

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