Effects Of Prison Culture And Subculture

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As a correctional support staff member there are several responsibilities and questions that are asked. Some of the questions that are asked are, about the different types of cultures and subcultures that prisons face? Does prison culture influence the prison management culture? Does the prison culture influence the way treatment in prison is determined? How are mental health programs developed along with does prison help prisoners prepare to become law-abiding citizens? All of these question are important and need to be answered.
The difference types of cultures and subcultures that are faced in prison. Subculture is the culture of prison society, subculture is also known as the “Convict code”, meaning all prisoners against the correctional officers and staff. Subculture is a group of individuals who share common values, morals and beliefs. The different types of cultures and
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When dealing with a certain group or certain type of person in order to be able to work with them sometimes you need to adapt or change with them, because of that prison officers and staff have to sometimes be more aggressive to prisoners or have to take on the same type of mind set as them. The whole “convict code”, makes it so officers and staff have to also look at it as officers and staff against prisoners. These factors can make it difficult for the officers and staff to help the prisoners and can make prisons more hostile and cause for more tension. Prison culture does in fact influence the way treatment is done within prisons. Prisons that have a higher amount of prisoners who are violent have different programs and treatments then prisons that house prisoners with less violence or mental health issues. The culture of each institution and the prisoners in that institution depend on the type of treatment given. Not every prisons have the same type of treatment based on the culture and the prisoners

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