Effects Of Prejudice And Discrimination

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A society that practices prejudice is intolerant and problematic for the opressed and dysfunctional for both the oppressed and the oppressor. The word prejudice means to have “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reasoning ”. Prejudice can lead to and ties well with discrimination and racism. Prejudice can make a person feel terrible. It also has negative mental effects such depression, sadness, and anxiety on a person . During the time Anna moody was growing up, there were many types of prejudice. There were gender, racial, class, and many more prejudice. The main one most people know the Racial. Most white people treated blacks like they were less. White people thought that they were better …show more content…
These students walked into a Woolworth and wanted to order lunch. The manager refused to serve them because they were black. He advised they leave, but the four black students did not move. Police was called to the scene, but could not take any action because it was a peaceful protest . Although the college students were not served, they stayed at the counter until closing time. Impressed by this form of peaceful protesting, other students of color joined this movement. The second day, fifteen other students participated in the sit in. By the third day, three hundred joined. As the movement progressed, up to one thousand students participated in the Woolworth sit-ins . Anne Moody was one of those students.
Ignoring her mothers’ advice, Moody takes part in another sit-in. During the sit-in, an angry white mob shows up and physically attacked Moody and those protesting with her . They continue to sit in and be attacked. They were persistent and did not move. Eventually, the store manager closed the store due to the chaos. While escorting the store, Moody and her fellow protestors were not offered the safety they desperately needed from Mississippi’s law enforcement. Although a line was formed to allow them to escort, the angry white mob was able to throw things they collected at the peaceful protestors
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The Coming of Age in Mississippi allows us to see why most black Americans chose not to fight because Anne Moody’s mother was one of these people. Anne was an activist who was in the eye of racist white Americans. Although she was strong and willing to fight for her life, she was afraid. Moody’s family was afraid for her too. Anne realized quickly that she and her mother disagreed on this issue of segregation. While Anne believed she could bring a change to her society, her mother believed change could not occur. Although her mother was not content with the way blacks were treated, she did not believe there was anything they could do to make a difference. When Anne was at home, her mother did not prefer Anne would leave the house . She knew Anne’s life was in danger. Her mother did not want to be in contact with her because she afraid she will be associated with Moody and also fear getting killed. The extreme prejudice leading to conflict in opinions tore Anne’s family apart, but she did not let this stop

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