Effects Of Police Cohesion

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Cohesion is defined as the act of forming a whole. What that means out in the real world is coming together with the people around you to form a united alliance. Whether it is with your family, friends, or coworkers, cohesiveness should be something that is strived for. We all want unity and need unity, especially in these hard times. Police need to stand together and have each others backs at all times because the job entails trust. After thinking about the idea of cohesiveness within the police force I came to the conclusion that there is both good and bad in having the department really close to one another.
If I had to say some things which I believe are good that stem from cohesion within the police force I would first have to start by
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The basis of his ideas is that “they”, meaning government officials, do not want us knowing the truth. What worries me about too much police cohesiveness is the idea that behind the curtain things can begin to turn into one of those conspiracy theories. We want and need the police force to be united, however we do not want or need illegal activities within the police force being covered up because the group is close knit. This is one problem that I can potentially see affecting not only the police department but all of the community. Another issue that I can see with to much cohesion, too much of group unity is having a mob mentality within the organization. I have seen it first hand at my current job right now where one leader does an amazing job at keeping the workplace flowing smoothly but when multiple people in charge gather together, everyone’s mindset changes and the entire group sways with how the emotions are at that point. The last thing that any police force needs, in my opinion, are officers who being guided not by their minds but by their …show more content…
The department needs it so that officers do not feel uncomfortable or uneasy working with one another. However, to much cohesiveness within the organization could lead to some bad things, and while most of it is a slippery slope, it is all possible to happen. We all want unity and togetherness, but how much is too much. At what point do we stop being individual people and become no more than part of a faceless mass of people? How do we not give in to the ideas, which may be wrong, of those whom we claim to trust and be part of the whole with? There might not be a single answer to any of these thoughts; the only thing that I am certain of is that there is a line where cohesiveness can become a bad thing. Where that line is I do not know but until that line is found, and hopefully not crossed, police officers need to stand together work together and be part of the whole which is the police

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