Effects Of Obesity On Health Behavior Essays

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Study found “that 3 percent of adults achieved all four basic food groups. Overall, 71 percent of adults surveyed did not smoke, 38 percent ate a healthy diet, 10 percent had a normal body fat percentage and 46 percent got sufficient amounts of physical activity. Sixteen percent had three of the healthy lifestyle behaviors, 37 percent had two, 34 percent had one and 11 percent had none” (Healthy Day, 2016). Those people who are against health behavior know the danger of these behavior and many fail to do anything about it. Teens are especially difficult to reach when it comes to understanding health behaviors. They feel that they are vulnerable even if they are aware of the health risk associates with their behavior. While those who believe their lifestyles are motivate to acquire information about their health, and they are more likely to behave in accordance with that information (CDC, 2016).
Many behavior patterns began at childhood and continue through adulthoods. During this people, young people experiment a number of deleterious behaviors such as tobacco use and drug abuse (McKenzie and Pinger, 2015). This study examines different behavior patterns in people in the age group of fifteen to sixty-four years. The research is based on interview questions as a way to collect data to find out the behavior patterns of this particular age group. The finding of the analysis revealed although the group had different behavior patterns, they can certainly be modified, but not…

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