Effects Of Noise Pollution Essay

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How does it affect our lives and health?

Despite the fact that noise pollution may not always be given much importance, this form of pollution is as life threatening as many other pollutions around the globe. Below is a list of the most common side- effects which occur, when this pollution takes place.

Hearing loss:
When one is exposed to noise pollution, which comes from various man-made noises such as: Jackhammers, (car) horns, loud machinery (vehicles, e.t.c.), airplanes, this may interfere with our hearing, as these noises may be too loud for our hearing ranges. This reduces the sensitivity that we have towards the sounds that our ears pick up.

High stress problems:
Noise pollution mainly affects places such as: Offices, home, construction
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One of the biggest issues that may come from noise pollution is depression. This may happen, because if one is sleep deprived, stressed, or tired, as a result of noise pollution, this may lead to unusual behaviour, which will lead to depression, whether it is in the close future or not.

Sleep disturbances: Noise pollution will certainly hamper you sleeping patterns, if not taken care of within proper timing. Loss of sleep may lead to certain behaviours, such as irritation and aggressiveness. If your sleeping pattern is changed too quickly, and not changed back within a reasonably quick time, this may lead you to further consequences, such as: depression, unnecessary stress, and many other symptoms.

Heart disease: Noise pollution is nefarious to our bodies. Noise pollution may cause consequences, such as: High blood pressure levels, cardiovascular disease and stress. All of these problems are related to heart problems. Studies have suggested that very high noise intensities may cause increasingly high blood pressure, and large increases in your heart beat rate. This will disrupt the normal blood flow. In order to insure that we all stay healthy, we should all try to have a further understanding of this issue, and have a better idea of how we may tackle
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This may result with various consequences, such as misunderstandings with the other person(s) who you are trying to communicate with, whether it be in person, by phone, or even via messaging.

Death (animals): As far as many are concerned, noise pollution is a very minor issue, as its consequences aren’t as hard to get rid of than other types of pollution. However, what we don’t consider, is the fact that the wildlife that lives near places which face noise pollution, are being affected tremendously, as a lot of species, such as bats, rely on their sense of hearing to hunt and stay alive. Therefore, once this sense is demolished, their lives will cease to exist too.

Moreover, animals which live underwater will also be very much affected by this, as sound will travel faster in water than it will in air. This therefore means that underwater species will be more exposed to these noises than we are, if their habitats are close enough to the pollution to be affected by it. This may cause a larger increase in deaths in both underwater animals and animals which live on ground, as if noise pollution gets too out of hand, so will their

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