Essay on Effects Of Media On Society 's Society

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Advertisements and magazine images play an enormous role in today’s society. They inform the people in the world as to what is happening, of all the new products that are on the market, and of new fashion and beauty products. Although media is very informative, it can also have a negative effect on society. It has the most negative effect on teen girls and guys because they already struggle with body image issues, self-esteem, and acceptance. One of the biggest causes to blame is Photoshop in the media. Photoshop images in advertisements and magazines should be banned because they promote impractical standards to both woman and men, which causes physical damage, creates anxiety and depression, and leads to unachievable expectations.
One of the major concerns with Photoshop in the media is that it causes physical damage such as anorexia and bulimia. People who read or watch any related media are lead to believe that people actually look like how the media is portraying them to look. This primarily happens in the younger generations. They do not realize that what they are looking at has been manipulated by Photoshop. Over time, the cultural ideal for women’s body size and shape has become considerably thinner and leaner and men’s body size and shape has become stronger and more muscular. Growing up with these high standards of how people should look can greatly destroy a young girl or boys ego. This is the prime reason why statistics have shown that eating disorders are…

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