Essay on Effects Of Lsd On A 's Body

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My group developed a video psa outlining the risks and effects LSD has on one’s body. We decided to demonstrate what LSD would look like for someone tripping on it and then proceeded to explain what is going on inside the body of the person tripping. We went with this method to deliver the information because it showed a first hand account of someone tripping on the chemical and allowed the audience to make a more informed opinion by depicting what the experience would actually be like. Additionally, we wanted to perform the PSA this way because we thought it would be a unique approach to the project by performing a skit while also incorporating a lot of information.
Essentially, my campaign sought to inform my audience about the effects of LSD in a very unbiased and neutral fashion. Most ads have a bias towards one cause or another and develop their message with the bias evident. My presentation showed a girl who was tripping on LSD. She was displaying extremely unusual behavior and it was evident she was not sober. I played the role of the girl’s brain and I answered questions which were directed towards the tripping brain. The answers contained information about the effects of the drug, including and not limited to, the side effects, the length and the chemical properties. I used a couple of persuasive tactics in my presentation which are very similar and different to the ones presented in this ad. I used neutrality as a benefit to my side and develop good credibility…

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