Psychological Effects Of LSD

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Drugs are all around us more than one would think. There are always new drugs being discovered and new ways for people to get “high”. One of these newer drugs is a hallucinogen known as LSD. LSD has no medical purpose what so ever. It is only used for people to escape reality. Some people may see this as no big deal. LSD affects the body in more ways than one may realize. People should be aware of the physiological and psychological impacts along with the exposure to different diseases when it comes to LSD. Everyone should be aware of the effects of LSD before they choose to use it.
LSD, also known as acid, superman, and dots is classified under the drug category of hallucinogens. A hallucinogen is, “a drug that produces profound
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This can cause the person to believe something that is not physically possible or believe that they are someone that they are not (“Psychological Effects of LSD,” 2009). Delusions can lead to paranoia which can lead to someone doing something harmful to themselves or someone else. Anxiety is also a common psychological effect from LSD. Such physiological effects like tremors and increased heart rate can trigger anxiety in someone who uses LSD (“Psychological Effects of LSD,” 2009). Depression is also a very common psychological effect someone can have after using LSD, and depression is also linked to suicidal thoughts someone may have also after using LSD (“Psychological Effects of LSD,” 2009). Not only can LSD effect someone physiologically and psychologically, but it can also have social effects. LSD is a schedule I drug which means a user can face legal consequences, such as jail time and fines, if found with this drug or using it (“LSD Risks,” 2009). LSD users may also damage relationships they have with loved ones because they put their addiction before anyone or anything else. LSD users may also form relationships with other users which does not help them end their addiction it only encourages it. These users may also lose their job if tested positive or found using …show more content…
Usually when someone turns to LSD, they usually do this as a form of self-medication for depression because when they are high they do not feel the signs of depression. Counseling is used to help the person overcome their depression, and help teach them to deal with life without the need of LSD (“Treatment for LSD Abuse,” 2009). There currently is not medication to help with LSD addiction or abuse. Hopefully in the near future, there will be a medication to help people overcome this addiction. One may not realize how drugs surround us in our everyday life. There are always new drugs being discovered, and new discoveries on how to get “high”. One of these new drugs is LSD. LSD is used to escape reality and has no medical purpose. LSD effects the body in more ways than one may realize. Such things like physiological and psychological impacts and others like being exposed to different diseases are all things everyone should be aware of when it comes to LSD. Everyone should be aware of the effects of LSD before they decide they want to escape the consequence of

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