Effects Of Legalization Of Polygamy

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The legalization of polygamy would be a legal issue, with too many bad outcome to this topic scenario. There are men and women who were born into the realization that polygamy is right, and that 's what they will do in their future lives. Many children have already been in a family with polygamous relationship in their natural born country, but that does not apply here in the United States. Legalizing polygamy would rather bring more issues. The secrecy people in these polygamous relationships hides more criminals among the legal system. With no doubt they are many abuse cases that have not been reported within these relationships, and that is a crime, a crime that has gone unnoticed. With abuse cases, if it has happened once why would it not happen again? Just in the United States alone, “they are 50,000 to 100,000 Muslim polygamous families.” That is just one religion taken into account. So imagine if all the polygamous families in the U.S. were recorded, this would have reached far more people. Also children that have grown up in these family settings are also more …show more content…
Keeping this issue illegal would instead keep problems away than the legalization of this issue would. It may be woman’s choice to fall in love with a man that already has five other wives, but that doesn’t create any problem other than a bit of neglect from wife to wife. With mental abuse like neglect, the possibilities are endless with what that person could do to themselves and others around them. This also has the possibility of heightening STDs since they are so many people sharing the same person for sexual affections. Also because the husband may not have been giving enough attention to every wife in the relationship, and one of them decides to leave, who is to say it will even bother him? He still has four wives left, which means less money spent on her, more time with other wives, and less problematic opinions from her

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