Essay On Education Inequalities In Education

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Race is a social construction created by man. This construction has caused society to assume that different tones of skin posses specific qualities. We are taught to stereotype, discriminate, and treat individuals as less than human because of appearance. Throughout history black Americans have had to suffer, from slavery to the constant discrimination within the American society. America continues to deny the mistreatment of African Americans and denies the issues with “white privilege.” Black Americans are constantly mistreated and are not given equal treatment in education, wealth, and social status. Although America’s education system appears to provide equal education for all races; educational inequality within America affects black …show more content…
White students are given far more opportunities in education than black students. A new york times article explains that, “In high school, the study found that while more than 70 percent of white students attend schools that offer a full range of math and science courses — including algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, geometry and physics — just over half of all black students have access to those courses,” (Rich). Inequality in education affects black students as they are not receiving quality education. The funding for school that have a higher population of black students is very minimal. In the video, “Education gap: The root of inequality,” Ireland explains how education is not equal between races and affects blacks students drive to succeed. He elaborates on the idea that white students are receiving higher grades than black students, even if they attend the same school. He explains the reason for why white students receive higher grades is because they are given more attention and receive more confidence from their society, teachers, and family members. Because black students are not being told they have a high chance of success and are not given the attention they deserve within the school system, they are showing lower chance for

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