Effects Of Greenhouse Effect Essay

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When talking about disasters, many people imagine great tsunamis, earthquakes, or hurricanes because those are visible threats. Having said that, there is an invisible threat that possesses much greater catastrophic consequences, a threat that humankind has chosen to ignore: carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide levels are increasing rapidly due to human activities, and the climate change caused by these increased levels will have harmful effects on the environment and to society.
Background Information
Carbon dioxide, chemical formula CO2, is a natural compound composed of two oxygen atoms connected to a single carbon atom. It is constantly being exchanged in nature, between the atmosphere, ocean, and land surface through many microorganisms, plants, and animals in their lives’ behaviors. The process tends to balance; however, since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have contributed colossal amounts of
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On average, the Earth will become warmer. Many plantation regions will be moved up north, as the weather will get more severe and more heat at where it is now. The hotter the surface air temperature, the more water it can carry from oceans, causing more precipitation in some areas while drought in others. Also, a warmer ocean will partially melt glaciers and other ice, increasing the sea level. As the ocean water expands, more lands will eventually be submerged under water. The greenhouse effect poses much greater challenges than any other disasters. The factors contributing to the formation of the greenhouse effect are uncontrollable, the consequences are more far-reaching, and alternative solutions demand significant resourcefulness and ingenuity (Patrinos 1990). The outcome results might be vague and unclear at the moment, but once the base has set, humans will not be able to put up with the savageness of Mother

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