Global Warming Positive And Negative Effects

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What is carbon dioxide? Where does it come from? What are the side effects of carbon dioxide being in our everyday lives? These are the types of question that may be floating around in people’s minds all the time. Well, carbon dioxide is a very important greenhouse gas that makes life possible on earth. While it makes living possible, carbon dioxide also has is negative side effects. Carbon dioxide is the byproduct of human and animal respiration but most of all, it biggest emitter is the burning of coal, gasoline and other natural resources. Carbon dioxide being a greenhouse gas, contributes a great deal when talking about warming the entire plants’ temperature; you may have heard the term “Global Warming”. With this problem at hand, government …show more content…
Some of these positive effects are controlling climate change and health issues. A negative effect is public acceptance of the CCS. As CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere by burning natural resources, it builds up over time because in cannot escape the atmosphere. Over time there is so much carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere that the earth starts to warm up. The earths’ temperature has risen one degree Celsius since the pre-industrial age. This warming of the earth cause the glaciers to melt, which in turn rises sea levels. Reducing the CO2 build up in the atmosphere will in turn reduce the overall temperature of the earth. Another effect the warming of the earth has is that it increases the chances of a disease spreading. One specific disease that will benefit from increase global temperature is malaria. Malaria thrives in hot and humid climate and kills about 650,000 people every year! Again, when the CCS are in use, the earth’s temperature will not rise drastically with in cancel out the spread of disease so easily. Finally, there is the acceptance factor of CCS by the people of the world. These people have to agree for the plant to be built. The factors against which people might be hesitant of giving the green light to build the plant is if the plant were to be built near where they live or on land that they own. Another factor is that there may be increase in taxes. This increase in tax can aid the government in paying the bill for the plant and CCS. This can be a negative effect CCS have on society. CCS has little effect in my opinion to current techniques of curbing CO2 emission because these CCS machines are costly and they aren’t being constructed in a timely, efficient manner. In my opinion, solar power or even algae biofuels are the best way to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. They are way cheaper than the CCS plants and solar power cells can

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