Effects Of Gmos On The Food Industry Essay

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As technology advances, scientists and business moguls are finding new ways to genetically modify food products to meet the growing demand for food. However, the average consumer is oblivious to what is entering their body when they consume these genetically modified foods that are not required by law to be labeled. Nina Fedoroff’s, “Engineering Food for All”, is an editorial stating that there is no harm in utilizing genetically modified organisms to feed everybody. She also states that there is no need to put restrictions on the use of GMOs because there is no scientific evidence of harm from GMOs. Nevertheless, there are many proven studies that have linked GMOs with several health effects and potential hazards, yet in-depth research on GMOs have been very scant. While GMOs may have a big role in food production, the international food standards regulator, CODEX, needs to label food for any usage of GMOs for the sake of consumer health and awareness while ensuring that the GMOs are safe to consume. Consumer health is of utmost importance when food standards are to be set into place. People all over the world rely on CODEX to set the standards for what is safe to eat, however, there is no ruling on GMOs. Fedoroff states in her editorial that the government needs to stop imposing rules on GMOs because there is no credible evidence of harm (Fedoroff). On the other hand, in Helke Ferrie’s “Evidence grows of harmful effects of GMOs on human health”, the exact opposite is…

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