Effects Of Gmos On The Environment Essay

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Genetically Modified Organisms, otherwise known as GMOs, have been used in various food products and will, more than likely, continue to be used in the future. Research and development on GMOs has been going on for over 30 years and has sparked a lot of controversy. The controversy is mainly due to people’s opposition to their food products being genetically tampered with for commercial gain. This is because GMOs use genetic modification to produce new varieties of plants with certain qualities, such as being more resistant to viruses or pesticides.
This report covers information regarding GMOs in agriculture and what the future holds for GMOs. I have written this report so that the consumers are aware of what GMOs are and how to make informed decisions when purchasing GMO products. The remainder of this report will (1) discuss the advantages of GMOs, (2) discuss the disadvantages of GMOs, (3) highlight the impact of GMOs on the environment, (4) remark on government action on GMOs, and (5) close with several conclusions on GMOs.
Advantages of GMOs
There is a great potential in the use of GMO technology to benefit society as a whole. The main advantages for GMOs are listed below which are explained and followed with an example of how the advantage is applied in real life:
1. Increase in Crop Yield – One of the biggest advantages of GMOs is that it can help increase crop yield. This means that seeds that have been genetically modified have a higher chance of…

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