The Trade Relationship In The Workplace

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1. A. The first example is about engines. Since Chongqing is turned into an industry heart and international center of industry entry, the city attracts significant companies in American. For example, the Briggs & Stratton moves its factory from Rolla Missouri to Chongqing, where has cheaper labors. However, the engines that are made in China are still too expensive for China and the rest of the Asian market. Thus, the company has to ship the engines back to the US which will waste a lot of money, but it is still beneficial for the company. What’s more, the Briggs & Stratton has kept ninety percent of its manufacturing in the United States and that profitable plant in Chongqing is helping the company to keep competitive. The second example …show more content…
Undeniably, the trade relationship can cause damage to people who used to work in America. However, in my opinion, the trade relationship is beneficial for both countries in the long run. It is both good and bad for people in the United States. Some American workers will be hurt from the US/China trade relationship. For example, American workers are more likely to be fired, just like the female worker who worked in Briggs & Stratton located in Rolla Missouri, because the company decides to move the factory to China for its cheaper labors. Thus, American workers have to find a new job, which are difficult to them, especially for elder people. However, it also benefits the US citizens: the company will provide a lower price for the customers since the cost is lower. For people of China, it is overall good. Moving factories to China can help solve the problem of employment, and give more chances for poor people to improve their life condition. What’s more, it can help China become more competitive in the global market, which will benefit the people of China …show more content…
One piece of the information that surprised me was that Apple could earn eighty dollars while the Taiwan company in mainland China could only earn four dollars when the 299 dollars iPod is sold. It is surprising how little money that the Taiwan company can earn even though almost all the hard work are done by the factory. Since the company can only earn a small percentage of the total income, it is less likely for workers to have a higher wage.
5. The film does change my opinion about the US/China relationship in some extent. Before watching the film, I thought there was no negative effect of globalization. However, I now think there are actually some negative effects of globalization. For instance, the woman in the film lost her job because the company moved its factory from America to China. The woman thought she could have the job forever, but now she has to find a new job. Since she is old, it is harder for her to find a new job, which can cause incredibly difficulties to her life.
6. I think my favorite part is the interview of the woman who lost her job. The woman complained her lost, but at the same time, she enjoys the lower-price products that the trade relationship provides. I think it is a bit ironic since the woman likes the relationship in some extent, but she complains about it as well. And this is the truth and reality of life: if we cannot change it, then we’d better deal with

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