How Does Girl Power Affect Women

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The new era has made an empowering shift in equality. Few may oppose it has completely improved. Unfortunately for others likes myself believe there are a factors that bring the concept of girl power down. Our younger generation are being brainwashed and putting to shame what many women longed to achieve. Teenagers being the easiest target are being influenced by the third wave feminism. This third wave embraces stereotypes and sadly pulls from the concept of girl power. Enlightened sexism, toys, and the perception of women’s roles in society are humiliating those who still truly exercise Girl Power. Have you noticed how racy television shows and commercials have been? With the help of Mass media women now embrace sexuality with comfort. …show more content…
Even in this new generation many still hold traditional women values and beliefs. For example, women continue to be the caretaker of the household. Men continue to feel that they are the more dominate gender in the family. Many women are told this as adolescence that a man should always earn more earnings or that woman cannot do certain jobs because it requires physical strength. For example, you do not really see many women who are Mechanics or Police Officers because of the intensity of labor that is required. Also, many employers feel a woman is not committed to their job because they are the primary caregivers for their kids. This is why many women get shut down when trying to apply for C.E.O positions or jobs that require a lot of consistency. Ambition then is lost and women feel they are unable to achieve success in the business field. Bob Sherwin the COO of leadership categorizes why women vanish in the corporate world. In her article “Why women vanish as they move up the career ladder” she summarizes women loose ambition stating, “I don’t want the role”. “I can’t succeed in the role”. “I can’t have the role”. She also states the importance of work, family balance, and motherhood outweighs the leadership opportunity being offered by organizations. The summary of these factors is that women get discouraged, they become less ambitious. The perception of women’s roles gives

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