Effects Of Genetic Modification On The Genes Of An Organism Essay

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• Genetic Modification is the utilisation of biotechnology to alter the genes of an organism.
• Aids in adapting the genetic composition to increase the sustainability as a specific crop may require cooler weather however drought inhibits the growth or potential of the organism therefore the genes can be adapted to suit the cooler weather rather than drought.
• The process consists of identifying an organism with the desirable trait and mixing the genetic material.
• The alternation on an organism genetic makeup.
• The genetic information on two organisms is mixed to allow the organism to inherit the desirable trait of the other.
• It can be utilised to help a crop grow within regions of climate incompatibility by genetically altering the DNA of another crops which is able to grow is harsher conditions.
• GM doesn’t always imply that the desired DNA of the trait in introduced. The original DNA of the organism can be scientifically adapted.

What is Transgenics?
• A transgenic animal carries a gene which has been purposely implanted in the genetic material, which is introduced into the animals via a process of recombinant DNA.
• Recombinant DNA is utilised for gene manipulation of an organism and making copies of the DNA which can be utilised for DNA testing, DNA manipulation and producing a various number of identical material for a variety of different tests.

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