Essay on Effects of Drugs on Driving

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Driving is one of the most common jobs that adults and even young kids go through every day. Unfortunately, there are many fatalities on the road every day. These deadly accidents are due to many bad decisions that the driver took. Whether it was reckless, frustration, or the worst, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, the result of a crash usually ends in a death, and a mourning of a family. What I’m saying, is that the biggest problem today, in our modern era, this present century, is driving while using some kind of drug. The drugs can vary* from prescription, over-the-counter, or even illegal. Drugs impair the senses that are a must-have for driving. These are vision, reaction time, judgment, hearing, and simultaneous tasks …show more content…
Another form of common drug use is opiates. Even at low doses, it can affect one’s mental state, vision, and the driver can* can have difficulty staying in their lane. Taking opiates with alcohol, or heroin can result in respiratory arrest, or serious over dosage, which can obviously lead into a big fatality while driving on the roads. All these drugs listed above are drugs that are mostly illegal. But that does not mean that I can happen to someone who takes an over-the-counter medicine. In fact, it can just have the same effect as if you took marijuana or cocaine. Drivers have to be careful of what they take and how much they take, and especially when to take it. Side effects* can occur, affecting the ability to drive, taking too much can cause serious death or injury, and if the medicine causes drowsiness, then why would a driver take it before getting into a vehicle? MEDICINE HAS A LABEL TOO PEOPLE. And if we fail to read it, who knows what can happen to us when we put it into our systems?
If you want to be a safe driver and want to avoid being injured, thrown to jail, or dying, then DON’T USE DRUGS BEFORE OR AFTER YOU ENTER YOUR CAR. And read the label sometimes, it might just save* your

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