The Importance Of Drug Testing In The Workplace

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The use of drugs is a prominent problem in today 's society. Starting in the school system and carrying on to the workplace and from there to sports and even the branches of the service, the initiation of drug-testing is world-wide. Before hiring a potential employee, all jobs have requirements that employees must proceed with throughout the application process. In the list of requirements, there is a section with information pertaining to drug testing. Drug testing is a common part of the hiring process which determines whether or not a person gets the job. Before they are hired, the applicant gives their consent to receive a drug test. Whether or not the applicant gets the job depends on if they pass the test along with the other requirements. …show more content…
Employees coming to work with drugs in their system are more than likely to cause more accidents that can be prevented if they were sober. Many studies show that hazardous accidents that take place on the job are caused by employees that are impaired drugs. "Based on what is known about the effects of drug use, it is safe to say that . . . workers who abuse drugs cause more accidents, increase compensation costs, create more rework, increase turnover rates, and take away from a company 's competitive edge" (Cholakis and Bruce). For example, employees that have dangerous jobs like operating a machine or vehicle need drug tests because if they are under the influence of drugs and an accident occurs it falls on the company. This can lead to several major problems such as death, the company being in a lawsuit, or even going out of business. Workplace accidents are a common flaw in every business. Minor workplace accidents, such as cuts and falls, take place daily. Although they are not serious, it is still best to try and prevent them from happening continuously over time. Coming to work with drugs in your system impairs the brain. A hazardous workplace accident can more than likely be prevented if the employee is sober, alert, and aware of their …show more content…
“Additionally, companies that use drug testing enjoy reduced absenteeism and turnover, increased productivity and fewer accidents” (Meisler). Many employers and employees share the common goal of having a work environment that is free of the dangers of drugs. Drug testing in the workplace should be permitted because it deters employees from abusing drugs, decreases workplace accidents, and maintains steady productivity. "Workplace drug testing, particularly urinalysis, has proliferated in the last few years" (Comer). Drug testing is not only beneficial to the workplace. The use of drug test can detain current users of drugs if they want to keep a job. “Drug use can quickly turn to dependence and addiction, trapping users in a vicious cycle that destroys families and ruins lives” (The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy ). The inclination of drug testing in the workplace is a prominent trend that should keep escalating because it provides great benefits to the company and the

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