Effects Of Depression On Teens Aged 10 Essay

1531 Words Jan 17th, 2016 7 Pages
Depression. A mental illness that seems to be effecting twenty percent of the teenage population (citation). Believed to be a disease that only effects the poor or a specific race, depression is a disorder that is victimizing even the most popular of individuals, such as Marilyn Monroe. The research question that is explored in this essay, explains the many effects of depression on teens aged 10 -16, which are the symptoms or results of an issue. Many times these teens are unknowingly effected by this disorder as they are unaware of the many effects depression can cause. The three main aspects of the effects of depression are physical, emotional and behavioural. The physical effects of depression are different ways in which depression impacts the body of the affected individual. The emotion of low self esteem is an example of an emotional effect of depression since it refers to the feelings of teens with this disorder. Lastly, the behavioural effects refer to how the individual acts having this disease. These effects are going to be explored later, however though knowing these different physical, emotional and behavioural effects of depression allows teens to be aware of their condition, so they are able to get help and treatment since as mentioned above, depression can affect anyone. The first aspect of what are the effects of depression are the physical effects, which can be the first sign for many to see if they are a victim of this disease. However, many people link…

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