Effects Of Cultural Barriers In Communication

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Communication is complete and perfect when the receiver understands the message in the same sense and spirit as the communicator intends to convey, here idea, and information reached to and responded by receiver remain unaltered and distorted. But practically it has been noticed that such perfect and complete communication does not take place because of certain obstacles or other factors known as “Communication barriers”, there are a lot of causes of misunderstanding and misrepresentations of message communicated. As the process of communication involves sender, channels and receiver, the problem of communication usually lies with either one or more of them.
Barriers or breakdowns arise may arise at any of the following levels
(a) The senders
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Factors here include: respect, culture and assumptions based on personal bias or stereotyping. Lack of empathy betweesn the communicators can create a barrier as this entails putting aside preconceptions and prejudices. The relationship between the sender and the receiver is also important – if the relationship is good, communication automatically has a better chance for success. Another key factor here is emotionality e.g., if the speaker or the listener feels very strongly about a certain subject this will influence the communication process.
Socio – Cultural Barriers: Socio – Cultural barriers influence interpersonal relationships and communication. Class conflicts, Caste divides, cross cultural differences, Socio – Cultural codes, and conducts are some of the socio – cultural barriers.
Poor Feedback: Feedback is the receiver sending back the message to the sender as they have perceived it. It is reaction and without this, it is impossible for sender to know if the receiver has accepted and understood the message. If can occur in a number of ways; people can be asked to repeat what they have said, or non-verbal communication such as a frown or a nod can provide valuable feedback to the sender. Feedback is especially important to help clarify muddled

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