Effects Of Circumcision And Female Genital Mutilation

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Circumcision and female genital mutilation procedures have been practiced in traditions for thousands of years. Due to the ongoing traditional practices of circumcision and female genital mutilation, results show that there are many different negative effects on some males and females who go through these procedures. These procedures have been debated upon due to their long term effects even though they are a part of religious practices. Some believe that circumcising girls and boys at a young age is a form of child abuse and violates their human rights due to the fact that they are not able to give consent on whether or not they want to go through with the procedure (Harbinson, 2015).
Female genital mutilation has been shown to have significant
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What is Female Genital Mutilation? Circumcision is a procedure which is performed on infants, boys, and men which removes the foreskin that covers the glans penis (Mayo Clinic, 2016). Circumcision is an incision made down the middle of the foreskin. Afterwards, a plastibel is placed over the head of the penis and within the foreskin to separate the two, and the foreskin is pulled over the plastibel. Next, the excess skin around the plastibel is then cut off and removed from the penis (Harbinson, …show more content…
In Judaism and Islam, circumcision holds a deep spiritual significance (Harbinson, 2015). Circumcision is also practiced in most Muslim, Jewish and Middle-Eastern countries, as well in the United States. Circumcision is practiced in the United States also for religious rituals (Aydogmus et al., 2016). Boys have been circumcised before it was a ritual for Jews and Muslims. To begin with, boys were circumcised in America and Britain with an attempt to prevent boys from masturbating, which was not successful. Circumcision was also practiced after 1870 because physicians believed that not being circumcised was linked to diseases such as epilepsy, insanity, homosexuality, and deafness (Svoboda, Adler & Howe,

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