Effects Of China 's Tobacco Policy Essay

1052 Words Jun 9th, 2016 null Page
Effect about China’ Tobacco Policy Report Chinese government policy for tobacco is complicated decide. According to Greene:“Up to now, every day have 3,000 people die in China because of smoking, there have highest death rate for any country. ”There is amazing country, China own over 300 million smoker and has largest market. They have students and doctors or politician that range cover different level. When I was children, I go to my teacher’ office, there always smell of tobacco. Too many people have to breathe second-hand smoking whatever in public or home. I hope Chinese government can provide and change a complete law. One side Chinese government get too much tax revenue from tobacco company other side constrain tobacco control advocates and public health center’ pressure to control tobacco. China join in the world health organization, they both decide control tobacco. For example, improve tax or issue law to limited tobacco; print warning sentence on the tobacco’ box. But, Chinese business man and politician is cunning fox. I never see warning sentence in the box in China, except export cigarette. This is satire, when Tobacco Company has to cater international law to put on civil ‘clothes’; opposite if no suck ward in the packing box, maybe will improve profits. This is unfair, when you sell tobacco your consumers have a right to know their damage and effect; maybe this is open secret but say or not say is important problem. According…

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