Essay on Effects Of Artificial Hormones On Human Development

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Nowadays, innovative and inventive chemicals are available for just about anything—growth development, prevention of spoiled food, and other strange matters. However, are all these chemicals truly necessary? Over the past couple of years, numerous speculations of artificial hormones injected into animals raised suspicion due to the increase of mass productions. With these chemical injections, farmers benefit from the increase of livestock because as reproduction rate increases, more money will be made (Jathar). Artificial growth hormones in animals affect growth development in both animals and consumers; thus should not be injected into animals in the first place.
Artificial growth hormones, chemicals that stimulate growth and reproduction of animals, are often injected into livestock due to an urgent demand or shortage of farm animals. These substances are beneficial to farmers because they receive profits more quickly (Jathar). Although utilizing growth hormones has its positive aspects, the consequences include the distribution of numerous diseases and damage to the immune system. Naturally, it is dangerous for a newborn chick to be born on one day and grow to become a chicken over the next three days. Additionally, injected animals consume less food than animals that develop on their own (Raloff). This means that a chicken that has been injected with growth chemicals will produce contaminated eggs harmful to be consumed due to the lack of nutritional value. With the…

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